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Team Building in the Workplace

Team Building in the Workplace

17 Sep 2016

Team building is very important to extract the best out of the workforce. Employees are motivated to work smarter and harder to deliver the desired results. In many cases, individual brilliance does not singlehandedly decide the fate of an entire project. It is the joint efforts of the whole team that eventually decides the success or failure of a project. In such cases, team building in the workplace becomes absolutely essential for a number of reasons.

Importance of Team Building in the Workplace,

·        Fosters open and better communication

·        Improves professional relations

·        Enhances employee productivity

·        Increases employee motivation

·        Enhances employee satisfaction

·        Enhances team confidence

·        Enhances employee engagemenet

Some common,effortless and innovative team building activities

Team building is one of those topics that will evoke a few eye rolls as there are superficial activities that force people together into some sort of awkward scenario, with all of the participants disliking the process and wishing it would end. Hence, here are some effortless and innovative ways for team building. 

·        Employee Surveys & Feedback Activities

Employee surveys and feedback activities have been proved to be a great way of breaking the ice and encouraging the employees to communicate freely. It makes the employees feel important and gives them an assurance that their opinions are valued.

·        Informal Communication

Informal communication with employees and subordinates encourages the employees to become active part of the team and the organization as well. It enhances the employee satisfaction and motivation. Also, it encourages open communication, sharing of ideas and maintaining healthy relations.

·        Outings & Field Trips

Organise outings and field trips as a reward for the productive work done by employees, at nearby places.  Also encourage employees to bring along their respective families. This will help employees to break the daily work pressure and will help respective bosses and employees to communicate openly and bond better with each other.

·        Professional developmentrnactivities


Professional development activities like workshops and other such sessions, helps the employees work better with right attitude and understanding. Also it works as self-motivation and team motivation for the employees and the organization.

·        Sharing of meals

Eating and sharing of meals regularly with the team members will allow casual conversation letting the team members get to know each other outside the work. Also it works as a positive break from the work pressure. 

·        Appreciate & CelebraternIndividual Success

Appreciate and celebrate each other’s productive efforts byrnacknowledging each other. Use of innovative ways in the form of acknowledgementrncan really help the team perform well resulting enhanced productivity. Also thernteam works with an improved focus, motivation and dedication

·        Group Discussion Sessions

In case of major decision and if anywhere suggestions are required for team. Initiate the group discussion on the matter and seek their suggestions and opinions that will help you take a better decision. It will boost employee confidence, employee participation and engagement. Also, it will make the team members feel important, valuable and wanted.


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