We support organizations in meeting their HR objectives through comprehensive service offerings for HR functions. Our end-to-end solutions, enable clients to reduce cost of operations and streamline HR processes so that they can focus on their core business activity.

The human resources (HR) function is at the center of most employers’ efforts to identify, hire and retain people the organization needs, to execute its strategy and achieve its goals. There are numerous laws and regulations governing the employment relationship which must be understood and navigated in order to help ensure the organization avoid exorbitant fines and other penalties, including the potential harm to the organization’s reputation & goodwill. It is also important to maintain a healthy industrial relations through processes and practices in order to achieve their larger objectives.

The delivery of HR services is evolving. Advances in technology and changes in the way employees access information has driven employers to rethink the way they handle this critical business component. Thus, a need arises to use technical knowledge & understanding to help resolve these business challenges.

Advantages of Outsourcing HR

An increasing number of small businesses are outsourcing their HR functions. Reasons why more & more companies are outsourcing HR are to:

  • Save money and reduce operating expenses;
  • Control legal risk and improve compliance;
  • Gain greater HR expertise;
  • Streamline HR functions;
  • Offer services the organization could not otherwise provide;
  • Allow the company to focus on its core business;
  • Substantially reduce / eliminate the HR staff and related expenses;
  • Enhance the service delivery standards;
  • Allow management to put more emphasis on strategy; and
  • Make up for the lack of in-house expertise.

Introducing an extraordinary experience, where Integrity and professionalism are at the forefront of who we are.

Enlightening clients' future through providing value for money accompanied by exquisite services & our passion for innovation. Make the journey of our client a pleasure rather than pain.

To partner with experts in HR to foster a work environment that attracts and inspires excellence in the team. To develop and deliver innovative human resource programs and services designed to support the customized needs of our clients.

Big Ideas Integrity is a compact team of free thinkers in the field of HR with proven experience of considerable span in hardcore HR activities Each case is unique for Big Ideas Integrity & a new model is developed for every client depending on his requirements & industry positioning

Our model aims to
  •   Provide our clients with tangible solutions in respect of human resource development.
  •   Make our client comply with all the laws in respect of employment of Human Resource and insulate them from all legal liabilities.
  •   Help clients in maintaining smooth industrial relations and ensure that there are no loss of production or man days.
  •   Help in developing quantitative tools for measuring human efficiency for identifying the right human resources for organizational & individual growth.
  •   Help client in developing proper processes for retention of good human resources.